Monday, May 23, 2011

Wasting Away..

Since I submitted my thesis end January and returned to Negaraku, life has been plenty erratic and full of (unnecessary) drama. Besides the mundane 'what am I going to wear for CNY' and the dramatised relationship break-up/make-up.. February to April also included the very stressful and uncountable trips to the hospital as well as the 'will I ever finish that #$^& paper?' question which more or less drove everyone in my household crazy.. with that said, I'm just grateful the first quarter is finally behind me.. >.<

Unfortunately not everything that happened back home has been resolved, but well, that's another post for another day..

To get back to narrating my life, with May coming to an end and June creeping up on me.. I regret to say my life is still very much stuck in the rut. I'm /still/ waiting for the Research School to get back to me on my results (it will be four months come 29 May) so until then, I can't even begin to plan revision, re-submission, thesis printing and the biggest event of all: graduation.

Despite the very bad news (I hate waiting for things to happen), I have been keeping myself busy (and my CV looking sharp!) with RA work. So that covers my waking hours during the day. I'm also working on editing thesis material for publication. Unfortunately (gods, there are lots of 'unfortunate-ness' in this post) writing papers is not much fun.. so progress has been painfully slow. I aim to get back to the paper once I publish this post.. so hopefully that will be very soon.

You know, I really believed that my life would be drastically different once I submitted, but it doesn't seem to have changed much to be honest. Unless of course you count the fact that I've become incredibly lazy and stupid in the last 2-3 months =( Besides sleeping in more often, I've also neglected to give my brain any intellectual work-out so I suspect it's starting to rot.

All in all, I fear my my life has gotten from bad to worse. It certainly isn't any more glam, and fame and fortune continue to elude me. I suppose I ought to get published first and stop complaining.

If you've lasted this long, please excuse my depressing post. It's gloomy and cold outside and I didn't sleep well last night.

But let me leave you on a more positive note: I've recently signed up for a Tumblr account (links on the side bar) mainly so I can squeal over Benedict Cumberbatch =D Occasionally I might post stuff unrelated to The Cutest Human alive on Tumblr, but most likely the rants will continue over here. So if you can take another shot at my whining, do come back and visit soon =D

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