Saturday, January 30, 2010

Play1. The Drowsy Chaperon

Started this post yesterday.. but lost the will to write.. so let's see if I can finish it in the next few minutes..

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So, as you might have surmised from the title, this post is dedicated to The Drowsy Chaperon, the first play of a 12-show season produced by the Melbourne Theatre Company.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a huge fan of theatre productions, and musicals in particular, rank as top-things-to-do-before-I-die. While TV is not-so-bad and cinema movies can be enjoyable, there is something about 'live' theatre that captivates (me). For one, there is a sense of spontaneity (no 'cut' or 're-takes' in the event of a mistakes), a feeling of in-your-face intimacy (no 'cellulite' or glass in between us), and perhaps most of all, of being a part of the show.

Whereas most forms of entertainment seek to, well, entertain us, theatre production seek to engage. And the better the engagement with the audience, the better the show will be well received and loved.

Coming now to the production I watched, to put it simply (through pulling the plot straight from the MTC website), the production tells the tale of Geoffrey Rush "as a die-hard musical theatre fan who invites us into his dreary living room. As he drops the needle on his all-time favourite album, an outrageously funny musical from the 1920s, The Drowsy Chaperone, (literally and physically) bursts into life complete with a pampered starlet, gangsters, chorus girls and all manner of mayhem".

While having a narrator as part of the plot is nothing new, less common is a narrator who sings and dances alongside the casts of 'the story'. And least you forget that the 'song and dance' is but a 'fragment of Geoffrey's imagination', audiences (and Geoffrey) are brought crashing back to 'reality' by the persistent ringing of Geoffrey's phone, and also, by a little glitch in the record which had the cast in repeat-action/dance-mode for about 30seconds, a scene which remains one of the funniest highlights of the show.

If you're looking for a production full of colour, song, dance, lots and lots of laughs and many kooky (but still lovable) characters, there is probably nothing more well done than The Drowsy Chaperone. That there were no annoying intermissions also added to the appeal of the show. Instead of being shooed out, audiences were kept entertained by the ever delightful Geoffrey who snacked on a bar of chocolate while the cast was given a chance to recuperate and change scenes behind drawn curtains. So all things considered, a very unforgettable start to the 2010 season. Fingers crossed then, that the remaining 11 shows will live up to expectations. =)

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Bunch of Updates to Kickstart 2010

This blog has been a wee bit too inactive of late - so much so that it's getting spammed. Poor blog.

So let's dust off the cobwebs, clear away the sprouting mushrooms (for tonight's dinner) and publish a spanking new (and long) post, shall we?

First off, an announcement (and self-publicity): After days of playing (yes, it's all play to me) with HTMLs and layouts and a bit of InDesign, I am very pleased to report PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication is all prettied and revamped, to coincide with the publication of Volume 2 Issue 1 (January 2010). Please visit if you hadn't already. I've put in much effort in redesigning both the layout and the logo, and of course, credit due too, to my fellow editorial members for getting Vol.2 Issue 1 readied as scheduled. In good time, we shall have photos up. =)

Now a second announcement: I'm flying home in less than 2 weeks now. Looking forward to seeing family and friends, and eating lots and lots and lots and lots, and sleeping in and shopping and oh, did I mentioned eating lots and lots? Never mind that the politics in sh*ts and all that... at least the food is still good.

A third announcement: Had a very good pre-departure supervision on Wednesday... while it's still way too soon to relax.. at least I can afford to relax during my 3 week break home. His thumbs up more than made up for the last two (failed) sessions which left me in a very, very, very depressed mood. But I'm putting that all behind me and starting afresh with a new draft (after I finish blogging). Having now earned my relaxation, come pick me up if you want to see me. I won't say 'no'.. promise! (Though can't guarantee my parents won't... I'm only home for 20 days you know~)

Fourthly, since the last post wasn't much of an update, I shall reiterate how much I ♥ the movie Sherlock Holmes. It was a fantastic movie to start the year with: very entertaining, cool plot and very, very 养眼. Forget knights in shining armour - metal's too cold to touch anyways - I want mine in a suit armed with a charming/devilish grin.

Fifth, I made Mango Cheesecake =)

Much ♥ to Adeline for the recipe, and ♥♥ to Gubi (and her mummy) for helping to dress the strawberries atop. It was very, very good cake. I will definitely be making it again.

And that's all for now. Have much to squeal about a theater production I watched last night, but I shall separate that in a new post. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 24, 2010