Sunday, September 26, 2010

I said...

I said I wouldn't blog til Feb 2011, but I needed an outlet that allows me to type more than 140 characters.. and won't disappear when new news feeds come in.

I said I would finish my thesis in 3 years, but lots of tutoring, some lecturing, too much facebooking, a bit of platform, a bit of research assistant work, some drama here and there, and of course, who can forget, getting dumped.. taken together it's no wonder my schedule was maimed. So now I'm aiming to complete by 3.5, but blogging is not helping me finish earlier.

I said I would dance more, but my paid pass is still unused in my wallet. Semester is almost over - there goes 36 dollars =(

I said I would bake more, but I hadn't since January.

I said I would care less about things that aren't really important, but I end up caring too much again.

I said I would walk my dog more, but I hadn't been to the park since July. So now I'm paying the price - my favourite jeans no longer fit =(

I said I would write letters, I would I would I would, but I only wrote one in September.

I said I would sleep more, but I have had so many sleepless nights and disturbed rest instead.

I said I would be happy, but I had so many breakdowns in recent months.

I said so many things, but I'm forgetting more and more. So maybe it's time to start blogging again?


Olivia said...

err... u got dumped??? who???

ginchee said...

it's not what you're thinking! an emotional dumping.. not a romantic one!


Edmund said...

Don't give up! Take it easy on yourself...