Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Miss You

Kor Kor, when are you coming back?

Monday, July 20, 2009

International Communication Association Melbourne 2009

I must confess, I've been writing this post on and off for several days now, mainly cause when I was excited to write I had no access to Blogger, and when I did get access, I was too tired to write anything. But here is it, finally. As they say, better late than never! XD

Day 00: Salmon anyone? (15 July)

After weeks of stressing whether I'd ever get the presentation ready, or if I'd actually have time to research and write a proper transcript (I was then feeling rather overwhelmed with preparing my 2.0 report), or whether my paper would actually fit the theme/topic of the conference, and this and that, and so on and so forth of other random and other (in hindsight) unnecessary worries, the day of reckoning arrived regardless of how worried I felt. So much for wishing that the day wouldn't arrive so soon.

Ok, so not quite the arrival of the conference yet, just the welcome reception. Although I had made up my mind to attend, I was feeling exceedingly nervous as I didn't know what to expect. Despite having attended two other conferences, neither included a welcome reception, so this was really going to be my maiden experience. Yikes!

Fortunately, E was around so I pretty much glued myself to her for much of the evening. Although I must stress for "much" of the evening, not the whole evening. XD Eventually, with some prodding, I did got around to talking to new people.. and funnily enough, meeting other Melb Uni graduate students, of whom have been around for as long as I have been working on my own paper. That goes to show just how very close-knit our M&C department is. XD

But I digress. The reception turned out to be a pretty fun affair, and it was excellent seeing colleagues I have not seen for yokes. Oh, and though I didn't mean to, I ate more of the salmon-pancake canapes than perhaps I ought to. I hope no one noticed my greediness. >.<

Day 01: Sugar-coated and everything nice (16 July)

One word: Sugar.

Two words: Media presentation.

Put them both together, and you have me on a uber high... which is bad when one is trying to remain calm and collected. Actually, to be fair I still don't know if I was shaking during and after my presentation cause

A. I had a sugar-laden donut for brekkie, or
B. The caffeinated tea I kept sipping during the other presenters' er.. presentation, or
C. The nervousness and worry that I might hurl in the middle of speaking, to the horror of a room full of people I didn't know, or
D. All of the above

Luckily, I managed to keep my brekkie inside where it ought to be, and to my very, very surprise, I received more positive and encouraging responses than I thought I deserved. So that was definitely the highlight of the day. And not the choco-croissants, nor the raspberry pastries, as you might have thought from the above pic. =p

For one thing, the positive feedback more than made up for the lack of sleep, and as for the stress I went through, well, they were all forgotten in a heartbeat. And it further re-affirmed my belief that this is where I want to be for, well, the rest of my life: interacting with other like-minded media-centric nerds, while indulging in simple-sugar-feeds. XXXD

Day 02: Rolling in funnilious laughs (17 July)

The great thing about presenting on the first day, and on the first breakout session too, is that I get to enjoy the rest of the conference programme relatively stress-free. So there I was, paying rapt attention and really, just absorbing as much as my little sleep-deprived brain could muster. You would think I'd have slept well the night after my presentation, but probably cause I OD-ed on sugar the day before, that kept me going and going and going, that I think I slept at most 3-4hrs.. And when I'm stressed and/or tired, everything starts appearing funny to me. Like Ha-ha funny. Don't know why, maybe it's my brain's way of continuously pumping endorphins/adrenalin so I keep awake long enough so not to hurt myself.

But yea, though I might give the sugar a miss, and in the process, I discovered that wraps are pretty yummy to eat. ^o^

On the whole, I had good fun and enjoyed myself. And though I initially planned on raving about how great the conference was, if only to remind myself of the lessons learned, I realise there is simply no way I could put into words how great the conference was, or how amazing (most of) the papers were. I figured, if there is one important thing to take away, it would not be that the content was mentally stimulating, but instead, that the people who attended made it so very memorable. So I can't wait for the next conference, whenever that may be! XXD

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ganache Chocolate Lounge

Lemon Cointreau Cake

Passion Fruit & Mango Mousse (F); Hazelnut Fan Slice (B)

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Double Mousse Delight (L); Strawberry & Almond Sensation (R)

Black Forest Slice (L); Hazelnut Fan Slice (R)

So have you had your Ganache fix today? ^o^

P/S No, I didn't eat all of the above at the same time, nor did I eat them just by myself. If I did either, I'll quite definitely already be on an IV drip or something equally bad. The above is very, very honestly, the result of countless numerous trips over the course of 1.5yrs. Or thereabouts anyways. XD

PP/S Where to get your fix: 250 Toorak Road, South Yarra 3141. Phone: 03 98047485

PPP/S No, this is not a paid advertorial. Is it even an advertorial? More like a picture menu. lolx. Let's just say, this is me and my life's biggest sin. XD

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Humid sunny rainy days
Even the unfresh air seems
pleasantly comforting
right now

The funny post-dinner
conversations. Even if
they sometimes end in
shouting matches

Long lunches with
friends that always seem
too short. The gossips

Malls infested with
humans. Karaoke, cheap
movies and even the
funny accents

My bed my table my own
things. Even if I move
everything - it's not
the same

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Conferences Conferences Conferences!

Come mid-July, Melbourne Uni will be buzzing with intellectual discourses (haha!) as the uni get swamp by hundreds and hundreds (?) of super-super-super nerds. ^^;;

First up will be the 2009 Melbourne Conference on China themed "60 Years of the People’s Republic - Transformations and Challenges", which will take place Monday 13 and Tuesday 14.

Then comes the "Journalism in the 21st Century: Between Globalization and National Identity", an International Communication Association regional conference, which will be held Thursday 16 and Friday 17.

I've been accept to present at the Journalism conference.. though well.. unless I finish my paper like asap.. there probably won't be a presentation and I'll definitely get my butt kicked. >.< So no more postings til then.. unless something special/amazing/simply blog-worthy happens.

But I guess there is always Facebook! ^o^