Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do you know your ABCs?


The above was floating around Facebook.. and the first thought that came to my mind was, what an absolutely fantastic way to determine our level of media saturation.. or if you prefer, how brand-conscious we are! =p

And in case you were interested, it's call Corporate Alphabet by Dutch artists Amoud van den Heuval and Koert van Mensvoort. And it's not quite a 2D image, but is in fact a carpet design. =p

And though I think I watch more ads than the average person, I still wasn't able to get them all. So if you know the answers, do share them! Also, don't be shy in letting me how many you got right! =D Oh, and I've actually white-out my answers so you can give your brain a workout too~ Simply highlight the space next to the letters to see what I've written.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, we've successfully guessed (and googled!) the answers from B to Z... Still very unsure about the "A", but 24 out of 25 isn't bad at all. After more digging, my brother finally found the final "A"!! So everyone, do give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! ^^;;

A - Alles Vliegt (Dutch)
B - Barbie
C - Coca-Cola
D - Disney
E - Euro
F - Ford
G - Google
H - Heineken
I - intel
K - Kellog's
L - Lego
M - McDonald's
N - Nike
O - Opel
P - Playstation
Q - Quicktime
R - Rizla (French)
S - Superman
V - Vogue
W - Warner Brothers
X - Mac OS X
Y - Yahoo!
and Z - Zwitsal (Dutch)

By the way, did anyone noticed there was no image of the letter "U"? =p

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


How would you translate "学姐" into English?

In Japanese they have Senpai as a close equivalent.. but in English?

Well, according to Babel Fish which does direct word-for-word translations, it's (and I quote) "studies the elder sister".

And you wonder why I'm struggling and coming close to tears.. T.T

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Me and My iPod

Woke up earlier than usual this morning to go renew my passport. There's still 10mths worth of travel left, but wasn't sure if I'd be back in KL within this period.. and since I wasn't looking forward to camping out in Canberra... thought it's best to get it done while I'm still on Malaysian soil..

Anyways, long (and unnecessary) intro aside, while waiting for my mom to get ready, I plugged in my iPod and reaaaaaaaaally listened to the music. I love moments like these, when all is quiet and I can really concentrate on the music drumming into my skull via my ears. lolx

Okay, maybe that kind of experience is rather mundane for most people, but in my case, it's rare for me to be immense in the tune and lyrics as I've never been much of a music fan. I can live without music - just not sounds!!

And really, most of the time music is to me, just background music while I work, while I'm taking public transport, and while I wait for late people to show up. Heh.

I suppose my un-affinity (is there such a word?) with music is partially due to having weird listening habits. If some tune catches my fancy, I can have it on repeat and repeat and repeat for days.. if not weeks. Some times even for months and months! And then for no apparent reason, I'd lose interest and drop it from my playlist. +_+

听起来我人还蛮“绝”叻。。。还是别跟我做敌好。。。 嘿嘿嘿。。

I mean, when the same music is playing in my head over and over again.. after a while I don't even realise it's on...

And no, I'm no good with memorising lyrics.. I'm not even paying attention, how to remember the words ar?

Got all of Jay's albums plugged in at the moment.. let's see how long this fancy lasts. =D