Friday, December 11, 2009

I Can't Think of A Title

I'll like to dismantle my limbs, muscles and fibres and bones and every little cell, then reattach them back again. Maybe it'll help me figure out why my chest? heart is hurting like a bitch.

I just submitted 1/3 of the half chapter due today. I end up asking..? begging for an extension til Monday. The emotion is killing me. Maybe that's why I'm hyperventilating and it hurts to breath and the room feels like it's spinning.

I wish I could cry now, but I still got 2/3 of the half chapter to finish.

I want to abandon the journal. Really. Right now, I want to erase all contacts and never see or talk to anyone again.

I wished I failed more people. Fuck them. And fuck the Uni for letting stupid people in. They should have rejected my application for further study.


Gul Dekar said...

Take it easy! It will get better!

Go down to Great Ocean Road for a day and scream at the Apostles. Maybe they will help you...haha and I'm serious!

ginchee said...

hahahaha.. ppl might think i'm suicidal though! =p

but thx for listening.. really appreciate it!