Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Celebrating Dong Zhi in Melbourne

Dong Zhi is once again upon us... reminding all that the year is almost coming to an end... 8 days now to be exact... To celebrate the occasion, I've carried on the tradition of making tong yuan.. from scratch! =) Here they are in their pretty pretty colours:

Considering the fact that I'm away from home for Dong Zhi for the very first time of my life, and thus far, far away from Mr Pok-pok-Chui's yummy peanut dip.. I had little choice but to make my own peanut dip.. also from scratch:

As I've been making tong yuan for years and years now.. I was already expecting it to taste like normal.. after all, flour is flour is flour.. In any case, what makes the tong yuan very very yummy is the dip.. so was very quite honestly super impressed with myself that the dip turned out pretty yummy.. more so since it was the first time I made it! ^o^

Anyhow, one final word before I head off to bed.. it's almost 1am here now... despite me being away from home.. and stuck (almost alone) in Melbourne.. today was still a good good day because of sweet friends who came to hang out and eat with me.. and most of all.. to help in the rolling of tong yuan balls.. =p Thanks much for making the occasion super memorable!!!

Good night world~!


nätc da inv'sible said...

冬至快乐!!! dun stress so much abt ur thesis~ kill xxxxx if he asked u to work thru dongzhi as well haha... btw, the tong yuan pic reminds me of cute little chewing gum @_@" hahaha...

dwlng said...

i tot the peanut was inside the tong yuan? didn't know got dip :p