Friday, September 25, 2009

My Mid-Sem Break

A week has gone by since the start of the mid-sem break.. and so far it's been a rather good week.

For once, by pretending that the impossibly high stack of essays-that-urgently-need-to-be-marked don't exist, I've managed to do some thesis-ing - read a handful of books.. sorted out the newspapers for further analysis.. and fingers crossed, will actually put in some real word count soon. =)

Awww.. who am I kidding? No way I'm gonna get any writing done. Starting tomorrow I will need to mark them demn papers first.. >.<

But it's not all sad and sad. Managed to squeeze in two (more recent) movies:

1. Up

The start of the sweetest and cutest love story

Kids, do NOT try this at home

I adore Up. It is soooooo amazingly sweet and gorgeous and the old man kinda reminds me of Harrison Ford.. must be the square jaw. lolx

I am also totally in love with the opening short animation of how babies are made. It is too delightful for words. If you hadn't seen it, you HAVE TO. By far my most fave Disney-Pixar production.

Ah, Disney, you've redeemed yourself as a wholesome teary-eyed spot of goodness. FINALLY.

2. Generation Fame

A remake loosely based on the 1980 film.. more drama than High School Musical.. better singing.. much better dancing, and with a waaaaay better looking cast. XD On the whole it's pretty decent watching.. but be prepared for lots of untied loose ends and random/abrupt endings.. what else do you expect for a movie that attempts to squeeze four-years of "life" into 102 minutes?

Movies aside, I also found time to bake my first ever carrot cake. Although the top burned a bit.. at least it looks AND taste like carrot cake.. so am pretty pleased with myself ^o^

Finally, a more updated picture of sweet+cute Moka. Not recent anymore - it was taken 8 Sept, 2009, but at least it's newer than the other ones.

It's 12.25am here. Time for bed!

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nätc da inv'sible said...

moka looks kinda big now eh? and he knows how to pose haha... so cute!!! ^^

ur carrot cake looks good! (dun worry too much abt the slightly burnt part, u can juz scrap it off later haha)... perhaps u can bake one for ur gong gong's bday, and do remember to keep some for me :D