Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bloody Meat

This post may offend. You have been warned. Scroll down for the rest.

First I take you home
then I let you eat
After which I sever off your head
and drag it through the streets

When the people ask, oh,
what happened to all the meat?
I'll tell them it's processed
into tiny little treats

Cooking both your insides and
outsides was no simple feat
Luckily you had no brain
and only two left feet

So that saved me some time
oh yes indeed, you did
Otherwise my lateness will
put me in the hot seat!

Off to Ke*cing, off to Shah Dalam
wherever the Big One leads
Together we shall break fast
and dine on bloody meat!


nätc da inv'sible said...

after many attempts... finally, u stil have to be the one to tell me the answer to this 'riddle' HAHAHAHA....

Gul Dekar said...

hahaha satire...the cute-sy pic to go with it is a nice touch.

ginchee said...

nat: hahaha.. nvm la... it's hard to understand my brain.. even i dunno what i'm thinking half the time.. :p

ed: thx! ^____^

Jεαи said...

Gosh.. You're gory... and coming from me.. haha..