Monday, May 26, 2008

My Must-Do List

A few random tid-bits about my phd life.

1. Human Ethics Application Form
Status: Submitted. Yay!!

Unfortunately, that's not the end of the story, as it's going to take the committee about 6 weeks to review and (hopefully) approve my application.. it's very likely they'll come back with suggestions though.. then the whole process will start from scratch.. argh!!!.. but I save that worry for another day.

2. Work-in-Progress Seminar
Status: The powerpoint presentation is somewhat ongoing.. though currently very sloooooowly...

3. Confirmation Report
Status: I'll start on it.. soon, soon. Heh.

4. Travel Grant Applications
Status: To put into action post-confirmation.

5. Tutoring
Status: Must remind self to update CV and send in application BEFORE June 25.

And that's about all the must-do to complete.. after that.. I'm going to sleeeeeeeep~~~

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Would You Like To Give Me 15 Mins Of Your Life?

15 minutes, that's all I'm asking. You probably take longer in the shower. So why not give them to me? ^^;;

But first, a little background: Like all PhD candidates, we're required to present (preferably to more than 1 person!) our research paper at one of the few postgraduate-centric seminars PRIOR to our confirmation. It's a prerequisite to passing our candidature, and depending on your audience, it's also a great opportunity to throw your thoughts out and (you pray) get some constructive feedback.

In the past, that is, before the Media & Comm dept. got meshed into the School of Culture & Communication (SCC), the seminars were a fantastic ground for peer-review, as your audience would predominantly consist of people from the Media department.

But following the introduction of the Melbourne Model in 2007, current M&C students present their paper alongside other SCC students (namely Art History, Australian Indigenous Studies, Creative Arts, Creative Writing, Cultural Management, Cultural Studies, English Literary Studies, Publishing & Communications, Screen (Cinema) Studies and Theatre Studies). As the official rhetoric goes, "in the interests of stimulating interdisciplinary dialogue the presenters in each session have been selected from different programmes".

Of course it's good to hear what others are doing, but if they don't understand you, and you don't understand them, what's the point of a seminar that's supposedly aimed at helping you construct and design a better thesis?

While the situation looks rather bleak.. rest assure that I would still be making the effort in putting together a presentable aka not-very-boring powerpoint. Which by the way, says a lot cause from past experience, some don't even bother with ppt slides and choose to read verbatim from their research paper. And so, this brings me back to my subject/question: would you like to give me 15 minutes of your life?

The date-in-question is June 4th (Wednesday) and I've been placed in the 3.15pm session. There's three of us presenting, I'm the second, so if all proceed without drama, I should be presenting come 3.45pm. Maybe.

Another colleague is presenting at 11am. I will definitely be present for hers to lend moral support. Her session finishes at 12.30pm.. and assuming she doesn't ditch me, we're going to spend the next 3 hours having lunch, catching up and if time permits, exchange gossip go through my presentation.

Ah, Work-In-Progress Day.. the ultimate avenue to show off your shaking knees. The Uni really loves us heaps. ^^;;;

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

7 Months

OMG.. It's been more than seven months since I last changed my blog skin. SEVEN! The longest I've ever gone without tweaking even a tiny little bit.

Unbelievable. I amazed even myself. Gosh! (yes, you should act surprised too~)

To think that I had more time playing with my blog while I was working full-time than the current me who is studying full-time. And you think studying is easy. Go figure.

So is the yummy pinkness the last we have seen of my fickleness? OMG.. Am I settling? Finally? NOOOOO..... way? It's a bit too early for that.. right?

Since this post is sooo totally random.. it can only end with a quote from Alice: EAT ME.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sick. Poor Me :(

Fever is an important signal that there's something wrong in the body, and I can assure you that as I am typing this, I am far from being 100% well.

It's not often that I get sick, but when I do it's (usually) a major big whammy. But considering how I'm been pushing my body in recent weeks (overworking... little sleep.. stress stress stress).. it was only a matter of time before my healthy cells go haywire. And sot they did go, with a major fever, sore throat.. and flu-like symptoms..

So for the first time since I returned to Uni, I allowed myself to sleep in, to let my body get its much needed (and well-deserved?) rest. I originally planned to celebrate my confirmation with 24hrs of non-stop sleep.. but I guess the body wasn't willing to wait that long. :(

Oh well... hopefully I will get better soon.. there's still so much I need to complete. With less than five weeks until my confirmation report is due, and two more chapters to draft and perfect.. I seriously can't afford to stay sick!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heart Clover Jelly

It's been a long, long time since I last made jelly. My original molds are missing, so I bought new ones. Here's the end result:

Is it four hearts or one clover?

A blatant example oo life ripping off pretty art.. click here to see what I mean. =p

Unfortunately I did a bad job imitating.. the jellies kept sliding due to the lack of friction.. so use your imagination la~!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Just Desserts

Les Boucheries Parisiennes @ South Yarra

Crème Brulée with Pistachio

Wabi Sabi Garden @ Saint Kilda

Green-tea Cheese Cake + Black Sesame Ice-Cream

Apricot Tart + Green Tea Ice-Cream

Pear Crème Brulée

Japanese Cafe Restaurant J @ Exhibition St.

Green-tea Crêpe

Roule Galette @ Flinders Lane


Max Brenner's @ Melb. Central


Double Choc Fudge Cake (I think it was~)

Three words: Yum yum yum~!! ^________^