Tuesday, January 29, 2008

F**k Chineseness

I was going to start this post with a 'Ha Ha'.. but then I realised I already did it in the last post.. though if you could envision Nelson's trademark 'Ha Ha!' instead of my usual nonsensical giggle then perhaps the post wouldn't appear (so) repetitive?

Ok.. that was quite a bit of a mouthful.. But anyways.. as friends of mine would have already known.. I'm not the type of person to curse (aloud anyways.. lolx~).. so what's with the title of this post?

It all started two nights back with a question on whether it was academically alright to use the word 'damn' in my thesis. After all.. if the project is damned.. then it simply means tak boleh pakai lagi so would it be wrong to say it as it is?

Of course there are probably other adverbs that I could use.. but then again.. nothing comes close in colour and meaning than the word 'damn'.. except maybe the f-word.. though it could also possibly be the other d-word.. as in diet.. XD

Anyhow.. back to the story.. while I continued to mull over the damn yes/no issue.. during a routine super-search for e-journals, I stumbled upon a very interesting article that put all doubts to rest.

Just in case you're too lazy to click on the image for a bigger view the words are too small to read.. the article is titled Fuck Chineseness: On the Ambiguities of Ethnicity as Culture as Identity by Allen Chun. And while you can access the entire article here... unfortunately the link's not going to be much use unless your university has paid access.. Sorry for the bad news Nats~!

Of course.. if you are really, really keen to read the entire 32-page document.. and trust me.. it is a damn interesting read.. lolx.. you can always drop me a line so I can email the file over.. After all.. sharing is caring waat~ XD

Friday, January 25, 2008

Disquieted One


If reading opens up your mind
then why do I feel the need
to recoil back into the depths
of my mortal soul?

Re: Free Public Lectures

Haha~ I know what you're thinking - just because the lectures are free don't mean people would necessary want to go. Then again.. hadn't you heard of the cliche 'the best things in life are free?' XD

Anyhow.. coming back to the point of this post.. the great thing about having an excellent arty-farty rep at Melb Uni is that famed academicians do occasionally drop by to visit.. not only is the exposure a great thing to further open up one's mind.. but you can gloat much later than you attended so-and-so's talk (though the latter only works if you have nerdy friends.. otherwise you risk further alienating yourself from the rest of your peers...... don't say I didn't warn you!)

I still remember my uber please-ness when Koichi Iwabuchi visited Melb Uni to talk about the Korean Wave that's hitting the Asia-Pacific region. Having religiously studied him for an entire year in preparation of my Honours thesis.. his visit felt like an end-of-year bonus for me~ lolx.

Original image found here.

I was plenty excited too when I heard that Homi Bhabha of Harvard University was going to visit.. that is.. until I saw the date of his talk: 17 January 2008.

Original image found here.

Like hellloo~ who in their right mind would be in Uni during January? These are Arts students we're talking about.. you'd be lucky if they even showed up for the first week of Uni!

Granted.. I probably wouldn't have understood a word even if I went... I'm still struggling to understand his Nation and Narration (1990) but that's really not the point.. to be offered the opportunity to (attempt to) pick the brains of Prof. Bhabha as he lectures 'On Global Memory: Speculations on Barbaric Transmission' would.. I sincerely believed.. have been a very rich experience indeed.

Another (un)timely public lecture this coming 18 February is David Morley's talk on 'New Times, New Spaces and New Technologies: Questions of Globalisation, Regionalisation and Periodisation'. Prof. Morley is one academic whom I've referred to in pretty much all my media-related papers, and it is such a big, big lost (to me) that I'll still be in KL when he arrives Down Under. *sigh*

Oh, and because I couldn't find a decent pic, you can check out Morley's impressive CV here.

Hopefully there'll be more interesting people coming to visit in the near future - despite Melbourne's fine rep, the city is really too far from everything. >.<

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Absolut Love

Dearest CD,

Great Scott!! (pun intended~ yes I know eveeeerything... hehehe... ^o^)

I always knew you loved me.. but I didn't realised how much till I received your gift of the (mini) Absolut Vanilla. Now I know you must be loving me heaps and heaps.. lolx~

In fact.. I'm so touched you remembered me.. even when you're busy doing eeeh... *cough* *cough* other stuff.. that in appreciation I'm dedicating this post to you.

As Elton John once sang.. 'caaaaaan you feel the loooooooove tonight?' *muacks*

P/S to A: if you die laughing it's not my fault k~!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Death Note 3: L change the WorLd

I was excited beyond bits when I first heard there was going to be a movie spin-off for Death Note's 'greatest international detective' - L.

After eager waiting for months and months for the production to wrap up.. Death Note 3: L Change the WorLd will finally premiere in Japan on February 9. Woohoo~!! Click here if you're interested in catching the trailer~

Thinking it's only a matter of time before I can drool gaze in awe at how well Ken'ichi Matsuyama has brought L to life, it was with great, great, GREAT disappointment to learn that Malaysia will only screen DN3 week commencing April 17... which is long after I've departed back to Melbourne.. *cries*

If the delayed screening isn't bad news enough.. it doesn't seem like Melbourne's cinemas will be showing DN3 anytime soon.. *cries more*

EDIT: demn! Just discovered that our puny yet kiasu neighbours will be screening DN3 this coming February 21st. Why must we always be hundred steps behind everything?! T.T

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Woohoo~~ Go 光良!

My brother has reviewed 光良 aka Guang Liang aka Michael Wong's Never Apart concert.. and IMHO, he has summed up the event pretty well (you can read his account here). Given that we both went to the same concert, I shall not waste your precious time in blogging the same material. I will however, share a few more pics.. particularly the super-exclusive-never-before-seen-shots-from-ginchee's-camera pictures.. XD

Before the show:

This shot was actually taken at the hotel lobby and not the Arena of Stars.. but I thought the signboard was pretty funny.. hence *click*.. and yes.. that is my reflection in the background..

Pretty confetti.. floating bubbles and a hidden 光良:

Is it me or does 光良 enjoys singing with his eyes closed?

When you're happy and you know it... sing.. sing.. sing~~ XD

Overall.. I think the night turned out to be a very happy experience, despite the fact that 光良 is known for his (oftentimes) miserable MTVs and (almost always) sad and emo lyrics.. In fact.. he was plenty happy and even attempted some fancy dance moves (though in hindsight.. he should just stick to standing still! lolx~). Moreover, he sounds as good 'live' as he does on CD.. which explains how he came to last so very, very long in this cut-throat music industry.

And true to his good-Malaysian-nature.. ^o^ 光良 made many genuine efforts to interact with the crowd.. to the point that he was almost mobbed when he did the 'shake the fans' hands' thingy.. XD

Time to say bye-bye.. but will the fans let him go??

The highlight of the show (for me anyways) was when 光良 stayed back to entertain his fans.. even after he had completed the obligatory encore number. Without a band to back him up, 光良 kept his fans very happy with only his trusty piano.. and his great, great voice.

So for those who thought the concert was over and hurried out the Arena after the encore.. you should spend the rest of your life living with plenty regrets because you missed out on the best performances of the night! Nyahahahaha.. XXD

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Mini Update

When I was still in Melbourne.. on a good day I can write 1k worth of words for my thesis.. on great days I can finish twice as much.

But since I've been back in KL for holiday research.. on a good day I can write two paragraphs or about 500 worth of new words.. and on great days I head out to play in the sun.


150th Post

Since I don't blog very often (I actually spend more time designing layouts than doing any physical writing.. but that's beside the point!).. it's taken me over five... yes FIVE years to get to my 150th post.. lolx~

If you put things into perspective, that means I average about 30+ posts a year.. which brings me to less than three posts a month.. and gosh!! that is a pretty lazy blogger low number!

Anyhow.. self-bashing aside.. I've finally arrived at my 150th post~! And like all 149 posts before.. today's entry is going to be yet another random blah. XD

Okaaay... since this is the 150th post.. for today I won't be so random.. Will providing some useful (?) updates on my life make the entry more exciting? How about a reflective piece on 2008?

No wait.. it's only been seven days since the new year..!

Maybe I shall blog about my new year resolutions then? =D Since the best resolutions are the ones which are negotiable achievable.. for this 2008, I shall resolve to:

1. Watch more TV.. and that includes keeping myself up-to-date on the latest season of House and Heroes.

2. Go to the cinema more often so I know what propaganda quality contents Hollywood is feeding the world. Besides.. it's not good to (always) support piracy!

3. Visit arts galleries and museums more often.. because it's always good to be cultured. =D

4. Try not to spend too much time camping in Ballieu.

5. And finally.. if tutoring pays me enough.. attend heaps and heaps of concerts and theatrical performances.

Despite having the list in B&W as reminder.. it's still doubtful whether I'll actually achieve all of the above by 31 Dec 2008.. but at least I'm (somewhat) en route towards fulfilling Resolution #5...

What's left of last semester's pay (after paying off my dental fees!) has helped to fund Michael Wong's Never Apart concert this coming Saturday..

And very, very luckily there's still some monies left over so I live to see Jay Chou's World Tour this February 23rd. XXXD

Fortunately CNY is just around the corner so my pockets won't remain empty for too long! Should Lee Hom decides to drop by my vicinity within the next few months.. then my fangirl *heart* will be well and truly sated.

P/S Yes, I could have added "less procrastination, more thesis writing" as Resolution #6.. but plenty of people are already having too much fun reminding me of my self-inflicted pain so another reminder is really unnecessary..

And now that I've filled in this month's blog quota.. I shall be a good PhD student and retreat offline to do some reaaal work.. XD

Friday, January 04, 2008


If tomorrow was the day
you walked out of the door
with nothing but the clothes
on your back

Would you still give them to the man
who has less, naked save for the blood
that runs beneath his flesh?

If tomorrow was the day
when no one believes a word you say
when hell comes hither, and
you're left alone to fight the battles

Do you still ask why no allies approach
no answers are given
no prayers are answered?

If tomorrow was the day
when sinners could do murder
when madness runs rampage
and darkness eclipses the soul

Would you still want to be
hope to be

Big Fish eat Small Fish.. Right?

You know how people say the world looks different when you're standing in someone else's shoes.. or that you tend to approach life differently after having a near-death experience?

Well, I think it takes nothing more than a trip to the aquarium (or zoo if lions and tigers are your thing..) to humble the arrogant yet puny human soul.

Of course nothing beats the actual physical no-bars and no-windows jungle/under-the-sea experience.. but when you're stuck in the city and the closest flora-and-fauna you have are the air-freshers in your toilet.. zoos and aquariums and man-made parks aren't really bad ideas after all.. even if all creatures are kept in captivity for human's voyeuristic educational purposes..

But anyways, my point is.. we really ought to make more time to visit Mother Nature.. if only to remind ourselves that we are one of the world's most useless creatures!

Yes we may have our skyscrapers and our computers and lots and lots of wow-wow machines that run on fossilised (and extinct!) dinosaur flesh.. but no matter how 'modern' our designs are.. we will always, and always, be many steps behind Mother Nature.

To state the very obvious.. birds have been flying long before man first took to the skies.. (plus they know better than to go into space since there's nothing out there.. but space!) and all Her creatures have adapted to suit the coldest.. hottest.. driest.. and most harshest of conditions..

We humans on the other hand.. complain when it's too hot.. too cold.. too wet.. too dry.. if Goldilocks was less picky.. and more polite.. maybe the Bears might have left her alone.. or maybe not.. XD

Like it or not.. modernity (and human conceit!) are slowly but surely killing off what Mother Nature has created.. and unless some serious thought is spared towards nature preservation.. one of these days we may end up relying on 3-D holograms of animals, plants and fishes to fill up our zoos and aquariums.

So before we forget that fishes live in the sea and monkeys have hands as feet.. better make a trip to your local zoo and aquarium!

P/S While I have no issues with slimy and scaly creatures.. I (recently) realised I'm pretty terrified of big fishies.. and when I say big.. I mean those that are reaally BIG.. so big they can have you for dinner! So super-big salute to all the divers.. underwater filmmakers and nelayan-nelayan.. especially to the nelayans.. thanks for bringing me dinner so I don't have to brave the seas!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New 2008!

Whooopee~! Happy New 2008 everybody! The year's still so fresh and new... the US hasn't even had their countdown party yet.. lolx~

I think my new year resolution should have been "to stay awake till at least after the countdown".. maybe that could be my 2009 Resolution instead.. XD

Shout out to everybody with hangovers.. vodka breaths.. panda eyes and especially those hyper-high bunnies who slept partied the night away.. don't forget that water has always been your best friend.. so drink plenty. =D

As always, let us start the new year by feeling happy.. and remembering to write "2008" instead of "2007"!! If you need reasons to smile today.. just remember that it's a public holiday - so you can sleep till noon to nurse that throbbing headache! - and that schools in Malaysia will once again be starting soon~! Hehehe....


P/S Don't forget to wish my special baby "Happy Birthday!" After all.. it's his day to blow out the candles!