Saturday, April 28, 2007


It's been four months since I last changed my blogskin and I was contemplating another "face-lift" when I realised there were more pressing matters to attend to, such as... you know... the act of blogging itself.

But as loyal readers... and I use the word "readers" here loosely to encapsulate all those who frequent this blog, even when there is nothing new to read... will tell you, my only claim to the title "blogger" is because I happen to own a blog... and do occasionally exercise my rights to the freedom of speech. Other times this space is just an avenue to rant and confuse the jellies out of the cookie jar.

No wait... I think it was the fruit punch... bowl... eeer... never mind.

My new year resolutions were to make new friends... and continue speaking to old ones of course... read Shakespeare in reeal England English, learn to appreciate dark chocolate... mmm... chocolate... pick up Japanese lessons, watch TV... be happy and content.

It must have been a lazy writer who first coined the phrase, "a picture tells a thousand words". Or maybe it was a painter who can't write. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the mess of randomness.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

But Then Again

And I'm picking up the pieces again
Trying to refill that empty void
If my mind was a black hole would there be anything left


Wondering where did all the time went
How we struggle for financial independence
Only to be weight down by the material
Silk and brightly coloured stones

Taking what belongs to others
So that we can shine in our bling bling nonsense
Can you still hear the beats of your heart
Or have the cries of others drown them out


Rethinking about what life is
And what it has to offer
Then maybe
Just maybe
You won't go wrong

We're only part-time passengers
On this journey towards tomorrow

Sometimes the ride doesn't end
Where we want to go
And when you're carrying too much
Something is gonna give

Can you bear the cost of greed
Or have you forgotten what it means
To let go?