Thursday, May 24, 2007


So it's been more than two weeks and two days since my last update... which means it's time to submit another piece of ramble to prove that this blog (and its author) is not quite dead.

Though to be fairly honest (can one be unfairly honest?), I've got another blogskin idea aka a new digitally-remastered-image idea... bubbling inside me for the longest time now. But the current skin shall prevail for a handful of fullmoons more because I hadn't quite scheduled a time to sort my imaginative juices out.

In the meantime, where matters of the blog is concerned, I shall be good and blog (with accompanied pictures of course!) about one recent peculiarity in life.

The story goes something like this:

Once upon a time... in a shop named Suchan located in Sec 11, which is really not so far away... there was a cake named Tiramisu.

Now Tiramisu was no ordinary tirasimu, because for one, it looked like what a typical tiramisu would look like. Instead of cocoa (or sometimes coffee) powder sprinkled onto, the tiramisu of our story had nuts - plenty and plenty of almond nuts - layered atop and around the edges of moist spongy - but not SpongeBob-spongy - cake.

But like the majority of its cousins and uncles, Tiramisu suffered terribly in the hands of crazed fans, who wanted nothing more than to sink their teeth into Tiramisu and swallow it whole. Sometimes greedy (and stupid) fans even choked on the nuts...

But that's another story for another day... Back to this particular story...

Like all things rich and famous, Tiramisu was ill-fated to fall prey to copy-cakes sooner or later. Indeed, so alike to Tiramisu was the Tiramisu of Alexis, that one could be forgiven for the case of mistaken identity.

Not only do both cakes taste the same... smelt the same... you can bet they share 98.9% of their DNA.

Which is really not that all that bad if you're out to impress or can't find your way to Suchan. =p

With all the shared similarities, you would think they'd be sold for the same price. But believe or not.. the pirated version actually costs more!

Whoever said you can buy your cake and eat it obviously had a fat wallet.

** Disclaimer: My sincerest apologies to those who were hoping for a more realistic story... (romance anyone?) Or at the very least, not another cake-related-blog entry. (Un)fortunately, my life seem to be revolved around the makings of sweets and other tummy delights. =)

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