Thursday, February 01, 2007

Double Double

Being multicultural.. multiracial.. multiethnic.. multi-obsessed creatures who like banking on multi-anything-so-long-as-we-attract-the-tourists.. it's not uncommon to find Malaysians sharing tales about our multi-festivals.

The equation is simple enough. Celebrations = holiday = unhinged bloggers with too much time on their hands.

When certain holiday/festivals/celebrations fall on the same day, it's a done deal that the enthusiasm to post random ramblings doubles.

Feb 1, 2007 is one such lucky day. So long as your religion/race/ethnicity/conscience/gut feeling allows you to... spare a thought in wishing all our Tamil brothers and sisters a very Happy Thaipusam Day.

I'm sure one day a considerate soul with massive power+brains will approve the 2-decade-long request for Thaipusam to become a public holiday so people outside of Selangor can go on holiday celebrate Thaipusam too. At least this year, KL-ites were lucky enough to join in the fun, what with Feb 1 also being the 33rd Federal Territories Day.

And since we're so multi-multi, it's only a matter of weeks.. sometimes days only.. before the next celebration knocks on our door and demands for undivided attention.

And the next event, which if you hadn't already guessed, is Chinese New Year. Also referred to as the Lunar New Year, this celebration counts as a majorly biggie since it involves billions and billions of Chinese around the world.

According to Chinese wise men who write history books, 2007 belongs to Porkchop. With 17 days to go, there's still time to bring in the flavours by stocking up on all things round, pink.. and preferably with snouts!

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