Saturday, November 19, 2005

Baby Doll

Baby doll, baby doll
The second hand has struck twelve
Tick-tock, tick-tock telling that it's time
To paint the town in pinkish hues

Pink eye shadow, pale cream base
Would have settled for pleasing purple mascara
But deep mahogany would do
So who's the wide-eyed innocent with
Flawless foundation and blushing cheeks
Brushed to perfection

Bashful rose-coloured heart shaped lips
Plump and rich
It's amazing what gloss and lipstick
Can do

Now the hands. Ten slim fingers, manicured
And coated with shine. A touch of red?
But red screams slut
And pink looks much better
Drawn with matching flowers
Five petals, on ten lithe digits. Such a pretty
Demure baby doll

Looking good in
That little black number
Matching bag and pointy heels
Diamond rings and jewel necklaces
Hanging earrings that sparkle against the light
Nothing but the best
To compliment. Now and always
Baby doll