Thursday, July 28, 2005

Feet are for Walking

I was walking down the stairs today on the way to uni and it suddenly hit me just how incredibly amazing 'walking' as an action really is. I mean, you put your left foot out and your right foot next and voila, you're two steps closer to your destination. Repeat these steps several more times and who knows where your feet will take you. Hopefully, it's where you want to go, but if not, well, you can always try walking backwards...

It's really a very simple (and arguably redundant) concept, but how often do you look at your feet when you walk, except when going down the stairs? Have a think about it. Like it or not, you have to trust your feet that they won't take two steps at once, cause for most people, well, that simply means toppling over and breaking something bony.

Walking is great for your knees too. Less pressure on your kneecaps in comparison with running, cause if you're 22 like me, you probably want to keep on walking for the next 50 years or more. Never mind that you have to start out earlier than everyone else so not to arrive late, at least you can see where you're going. By the time you realised where your running feet are taking you, you might be halfway to China or India or possibly stuck somewhere in the middle of the Alice Springs. And let me tell you, it's not much fun walking back if your feet are tired from all that running. =p

So be good to your feet, both of them. And besides, walking makes the ground (and grass) feel wanted. ^^;;;

Sunday, July 24, 2005

New Background

Just to announced I'm back in Melbourne, and sigh.. uni starts tomorrow. >.< There is a funny kinda strange emptiness inside of me, which I don't understand and can't really quite explain. Back to the same old routine.

The clouds were taken from inside the plane while flying back to Melbourne. One image, and yet it can mean two very different things. Calm before a storm or silver lining behind every cloud? Depends on whether you like flying, I guess.

I don't mind the travel, it's the destination that bugs me no end.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Update.. of Some Sorts

It's been called different things.. 'Wan Sat Zhong'.. FFK.. 'Bu Jian Liao'.. MIA... but in a nutshell.. I AM NOT DEAD..

My blog has not been updated for more than 1.5 months because I've been so sick.. it borders on ridiculousy.. if I can be forgiven for making up words because my immune system is about as shot as my brain currently feels.

My grammar teachers must be denying my existence somewhere. =p

Anyways anyways... here's a run down on my sweet life for the past few weeks..

Flu: 2 counts.
Headache: Lost count.
Chiro: 2 counts.
Fever: Once is more than enough
Needles: Just once.. thank goodness!!
Injured back + shoulders: Still injured..
Movies watched: NIL.. NIL.. NIL!! <-- This is sooo very sad..

If I believe in voodoo and stuff akin to these.. I think someone out there must be sticking *lotsa* needles into me... >.< I could hardly use my right arm for days and days and days...

In other more exciting news... =p I've turned 22 on the 22nd of June.. which is really cool cause it's a once in a lifetime event... my uncle *finally* got hitched.. ^^;;; congrats to the happy couple.. and also welcome to the newest addition of the family.. a new niece for me~~

But really... the whole break has been spent writing my thesis.. getting sick and getting better just to get sick again.. changing and re-writing and drafting and re-writing my thesis.. occasionally meeting up with friends.. I sincerely apologise for the many lapses of absence.. I'll make up end of the year..

Oh! And yes.. doing my babe sis's homework.. hahah...I hadn't drawn anything in years.. and it was fun drawing retarded chickens and weird rabbits and tiny fishes in the pond.. =p

And that about wraps up June and half of July. ^^;;