Friday, April 22, 2005


Unfairly and without warning
Lady Death came and took you away

A sharp intake of breath
Lungs depressed
Heart muscles constrict
Pressure released
3 seconds
Then 1
And it was all over

There wasn't a moment to cry
Not while time stood still
Not when life felt so surreal

But now that all is said and done
Let the tears flow freely
Only then
Can your heart begin to heal

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Blue-Eyed Boy

Sleepless nights and tear-soaked sheets
Saddened eyes each time we meet
Nothing but misery your aching heart keeps
Who will comfort my blue-eyed boy when he weeps?

Darkened days and moonless nights
The struggle to survive a lonesome fight
Despairing shadows a frequent sight
Who will guide my blue-eyed boy towards the light?

Terse shoulders and absent smile
Laughter has deluded you for quite a while
And yet he is but still a child
Who will care for my blue-eyed boy, pray tell?