Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Do you believe in Forever?

I believe in soul mates.

But don't they both mean the same thing?



Understand that I cannot promise you Forever, because to offer what I cannot give, only equals unfaithfulness.

If I were to die tomorrow, would you cry for me? Lay flowers on my grave? Or would you curse me to the ends of the earth?

If I had to leave tomorrow, would you hate me? Would you be able to forgive, and forget? Or would you wished we never met?

My life is not in my hands, because I believe in a Higher Authority.

So do not ask that of me. Do not demand Forever.

Because I fear what I cannot give. And I fear loneliness and despair.

But if you want, I can give you Now. I can give you the Present.

We only have today, so love me, and live with me in this moment.

That is my answer.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

The Need for Walls

for karren.


We are all hiding behind a mask
A disguise to show the world
You think you know the real me
But you don't
Because nobody does
You see what I want to show you
You believe everything I say

But you don't know the thoughts I keep hidden
Away from prying eyes
Away from nosy minds

What would life be if we were to show our true selves?
To open upWould the world accept us or reject us?
Because there are times when we need walls
To protect ourselves from getting hurt
And from hurting others

Friday, July 23, 2004


If I start posting up names about people I don't like, dissing them for pissing me off and for being dispensable to this world... would the world go mad or will I get shoved out of whatever *social* life I had?

Will I be forced to bear the consequences? Laugh it off? Shrug it off?

All this anger trying to spill forth. The need to mutilate, to hurt, to destroy, to cause pain.

The God Machine once sang "And what if I was to cut my wrists and paint pictures on the wall of burning with sunset over a deep red sea. Would you see, would you see?"

This is poetry.