Thursday, June 24, 2004


I don't want Love to last forever, because 'forever' is an abstract concept.
Vague, mysterious, unattainable.
Man will die one day, and the earth will rot.

I don't need Love to last a lifetime, because 'a lifetime' seems so unreal.
You cannot measure how long or how short 'a lifetime' is, so you will never know what 'a lifetime' means.

I only want Love to stay. Right here, right now.

Because yesterday is already a distant memory,
And tomorrow may never arrive.

So if I live in this moment, this second, this minute, this hour,
Then Love will always be present.

Funny how the present is also called the gift.

Saturday, June 12, 2004


Everyone needs a home, so at least you can have some place to leave, which is where most folks will say you must be coming from. - June Jordan, 'Living Room'

A house is where you live, a home is where the people you love are. So there is a major difference when we say either 'welcome to my house', or 'welcome home'..

That's why I fly MAS.. *smirks* cause there's nothing quite as heart-warming as hearing the captain of the plane welcoming all Malaysians home as you touch down on your place of birth.

Well... since I promised Lou that I'd be nice, I'll keep this rant about home short.. =p

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Guys are jerks

Guys are jerks, the differences are whether they are bad jerks, good jerks or perfect jerks.

Bad jerks are the ones that make you feel special, treat you really nice and shower you with attention. Bad jerks do their very best to be the right guy for you, and to be a shoulder for you to cry on. Bad jerks are the ones you call when you’re feeling troubled and need a listening ear. But such jerks are bad because they will rip your heart out by saying ‘I never loved you’ or ‘let’s just be friends’.

Good jerks by contrast, will never say the things bad jerks say, because in an ironic twist of reality, you’re somehow related by blood or marriage.

Perfect jerks are the ones who are gay.

Why do I have to be attracted to perfect jerks?

Saturday, June 05, 2004

This is a not a blog

because a blog is when you tell your readers about what you had for breakfast:

Bacon and eggs. McMuffins. Oatmeal or Wheatbix. A warm mug of Milo or even a nice glass of milk.

A blog is when you tell your readers about what you did today:
Pissed your lecturer for coming in late for class. Pissed your lecturer even more when you leave early. Had a warm mug of Milo or even a nice glass of milk.

A blog is Salam Pax's account of Baghdad. A blog is Kagenami Q's Saiyuki-centred life in Japan. A blog is a personal regurgitation of what you did today or what you did yesterday or the day before. A blog can also be what you intend to do tomorrow and I bet it'd be important if you were planning on planting WMD somewhere in someplace like I*** so the US of A can find it to present to the Great Man himself.

Now those would be called a blog. They're calling weblogs a new interpretation of modern journalism, but I don't think that bloggers will rule the earth or force the closure of printing presses anytime soon.

If I believe in the power of blogs I would have to start hunting for another degree to study.

So I'm calling my site a space for rant, not rent mine you, simply because a rant is not a blog.

Jon is always saying 'I'm going on a rant here' which is fine because

A rant is when words flow out from you lips (or fingertips) like a runaway train running and running and running away.. I know that's what runaway trains are supposed to do but I'm just making a point that a rant is like a runaway train running and running and running away.. I'm sure you'd have gotten the point by now.

But you can also say it's a rant when you are making an attempt to say something that isn't made up of confusing statements so not to cause any confusion for your listeners (or readers) but because it's a rant you end up confusing people whether it was your original intention or not to confuse them because sometimes it's your own confusion that confuses your confused audience and sometimes it's their confused frame of mind that makes the sentences appear confusing but usually it's when you try to make sense of that confusion that you end up confusing your already confused audience even further.

And you know it's a rant when nobody except yourself is listening to your own speech anymore because they've lost track of what's the point of the whole conversation.

Now be a darling and tell me that that's a blog input and not a rant.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

What's in a Name?

Name is a language too. To greet people, to miss, to call out when we're afraid. It is said that in giving names to something, or someone, you are making a claim of ownership.

Not that there's a problem in giving names. The only cause for concern is, you might grow fond of what you named...

So maybe it's better not to give names to pets or children, yeah?