Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Chasing the Wind

You were always chasing the wind in search of a blue and flawless sky
Where eagles soared through cotton clouds, wings spread wide and heads held high
Where flowers blossomed and treetops sighed when snow-white doves flew by

How I used to laugh, and taunt your dream as a foolish fantasy
For I only knew of a grey-lit world that stretched across the opened sea
So I could not envision your perfect sky; the idea was simply unreal to me

I can still hear the earth-shattering screams as nuclear bombs came crashing down
The streets turning crimson from bleeding bodies strewed all over the ground
And from beneath the crumbling rubble, muffled cries were the only sounds

So this is my reality; no sun-kissed warmth to dry my tear-streaked face
Nothing but a dying environment polluted by scores of man-made waste
Where bitterness and hatred have long consumed the hearts of every race

Yet despite the devastation, you continued chasing after the fleeting wind
With the hope that it would someday take you away from this city full of sin
A place so ruined, it is no longer fit for Man or Beast to live in

But no one has the power to foresee what the future beholds
So when the tanks rolled in and the enemy shot at your innocent soul
I could do naught but stared stupefied as my blood ran chillingly cold

With your dying breath you beckoned me close as you softly whispered my name
Watching you struggled to put on a smile in a bid to block out the pain
I cradled your limp body before shedding hot tears of sorrow and shame

That day I made you a promise, a vow I’d carry to my dying day
No matter how impossible, I would catch the wind and fly away
Fulfilling your dream to leave this city that stank of human decay