Thursday, April 11, 2002

Cobalt Eyes

~ Perception ~
They tell me how emotionless your facial features are
Always aloof and impassive, you remind them of
A cold and icy bastard that is devoid of any feelings
You care for no one; and no one cares for you

Then they relate how meeting you left them drained
It didn’t matter that they gave genuine smiles
For in the end you always respond with chilly glares
Not giving a slight inkling about how you felt inside

~ Discourse ~
With your unwillingness for verbal exchanges
They have found talking with you a futile task
Discourage by your ten-word long replies
They have all but given up hope for conversation

Yet who can blame them for being irritated
Your knack for igniting their annoyance renowned
You either grunt in affirmative or snort when disagree
Even to the extent of falling asleep when bored

~ Mistake ~
And yet all these criticisms do burst forth from their lips
Because they did not know the road into your soul
No one told them that if they looked deep into your gaze
They would find themselves lost in the passions hidden within

Those feelings of angst and desire that are absent from your face,
Are very much visible within those deep swirls of blue
And if the people were not careful, they would risk drowning
In those mesmerising pools of cobalt eyes